*_Youth Accomplishment Award Application
Solucitud para Aspirantes a Becas por Logro Juvenil_
Diamante, Inc. offers scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors by recognizing contributions to the community, leadership qualities, and the achievements of Hispanic/Latinx youth in North Carolina. 
_Diamante, Inc. ofrece becas a estudiantes de ultimo grado de secundaria para reconocer contribuciones a la comunidad, cualidades de liderazgo, y los logros de jovenes Hispanos/Latinx en Carolina del Norte. 

Up to two, one-time scholarships valued at a minimum of $750 (USD) each. Funds will be used for tuition and educational expenses. Hasta dos becas valoradas por lo menos en $750 cada una. Los fondos se utilizaran para los costos de matricula universitaria y gastos educacionales. 

Please complete this form in its entirety to be considered for the scholarship award. Por favor llene la solicitud completamente para ser considerada/o para la becca.

Questions/Preguntas: scholarships@diamanteinc.org

Diamante Inc.
315 N. Academy St. #256
Cary, NC 27513
Eligibility Requirements *

The applicant must be a NC High School graduating senior / incoming freshman or sophomore student attending an institution of higher education (College/University). / El solicitante debe ser estudiante del 12 grado en NC o aspirante a su primer o segundo año de una institución de educación superior (Facultad/Universidad).

Must be at least 50% of Hispanic-Latino descent.  Debe tener por lo menos un  50% de descendencia Hispana-Latina.

Submit high school transcript with a minimum C+ or 2.5 grade point average and submit either SAT or ACT scores. Presentar una certificación de calificaciones de escuela secundaria (HS) con un promedio mínimo de C+ or 2.5 G.P.A y presentar los resultados del exámen del SAT o del  ACT.   
Submit a letter of recommendation from a high school principal, a college counselor or a community leader. / Debe presentar una carta de recomendación del director de la escuela secundaria, o de un consejero académico, o de un líder comunitario.

Send resume, transcripts and letters of recommendation to/ Mande certificación de calificaciones: scholarships@diamanteinc.org. 

Do you understand and agree to meet the requirements? Entiende y esta dispuesta/o a llenar todos los requisitos?
Personal Information *

Please provide the following:
Full Name: 
Date of birth:
Phone number: 
Place of Birth:
Parent of Guardian Name: 
*If college student, school you currently attend:
*If high school senior, schools you have been accepted to/school you plan to attend:
Essay Question:

In 350-500 words, please describe why you are proud of your heritage.
Here is where we get to know you a little better. Tell us about your involvement in the following areas:

Remember we will also see your resume. you can go into deeper detail here, mention something that isn't on your resume, but you don't want to duplicate what is on your resume.
1 List volunteer community activities in the past 4 years

2 Student Activities and honors. List all school activities in which you have participated in the past 4 years (student leader, music, sports, etc.)

1 Describe what challenges or unusual circumstances( family or personal) have affected your achievements in school, work experience,  or your participation in school and community activities

2 Goals and Aspirations: Make a brief statement or summary of your plans related to your educational and career objectives and long term goals

Application Checklist:

Make sure you have done all the following to be considered for the scholarship:

-Completed personal information
-Completed essay
-Completed short answer questions
-Recommendation emailed to us
-Emailed us your current unofficial transcript
-Emailed us your SAT or ACT scores

All of this must be submitted by the deadline to complete your application and be considered for the scholarship. 

Do you understand all of the above and will submit all required materials by the deadline?
Diamante Inc. is dedicated to the preservation, development, and promotion of the culture, heritage, and artistic expressions of the diverse latino/hispanic population in North Carolina.

We are the leading organization recognizing the achievements and contributions made by the latino/hispanic community in North Carolina.

Thank you for completing your application for the Latino Diamante Scholarship Award. We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application and look forward to reviewing it. If you have any questions, please email us at scholarships@diamanteinc.org. Gracias!
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